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Materials and Processes

To ensure our asphalt pavements meet the unique needs of our customers and their businesses, we begin each project by verifying the existing or new base stone is strong, compacted and graded correctly, and is properly prepared for paving.

Our team of expert pavers use the most advanced equipment and processes available in our industry while staying up to date with continuous training.

Our Services

Our comprehensive asphalt maintenance and repair services include sealcoating, hot crack filling, line striping, excavation services, storm water management, asphalt patching,

and paving.

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Commercial Paving Services at Your Own Home

At Prime Paving & Maintenance (PP&M), we believe homeowners should receive the same expert guidance, services, and attention to detail that major businesses receive. When it comes to residential paving services, we put quality, durability, and satisfaction first – giving you the expert finish of a commercial-grade pavement with the decorative creativity and attention to detail that comes with residential paving projects.

Timely, Professional Paving Services

We will be the most thorough, quality-driven, and reliable choice when it comes to installing, repairing, or repaving your asphalt or concrete driveways, sport courts, or large-scale patios. You can trust our team of expert professionals to deliver exactly what was contracted in a timely manner and on budget.

What You Can Expect While Getting Your Quote

We will work with you, every step of the way, from quote through completion to ensure your final pavement is exactly what you need. Once you reach out to PP&M, one of our friendly project managers will reach out to arrange an on-site visit. During the visit, we’ll walk the property with you, discuss your unique needs, and take measurements to create a quote. If applicable, we’ll give you a few paving options to choose from and walk you through the details.

Get Started on your residential Paving Project Today

At PP&M, our schedule fills up quickly, especially in the summer. If you are looking to replace your driveway, sport court, or other pavement this season, reach out now and work with one of our project managers to determine availability!


New Construction

We excavate and remove any existing grass, dirt, concrete, asphalt, or stone in the area to the appropriate depth specified by the design for the pavement. Our team supplies and installs a quality crushed aggregate base course that we compact in lifts to meet elevation requirements. Our experienced project managers will help you identify the correct depths and elevations based on your average daily traffic flow, the type of vehicles using your asphalt surface, and your local soil conditions. We then pave the area to the compacted thickness specified in our contract.

Remove and Replace

Prime Paving and Maintenance has the ability to remove any existing pavement sections down to the stone layer. Because asphalt is 100% recyclable, we will remove the existing pavement and recycle it. Your existing base will be proof rolled, regraded to assure proper drainage, and then compacted to prepare for the new asphalt which will be patched or paved to your desired thickness.

Mill and Resurface

We can remove the wearing surface of your asphalt to a depth of 1.5 to 2 inches allowing us to profile the best grade possible for rainwater drainage. We clean the newly-milled surface and apply a tack coat to bind the existing asphalt to the new asphalt layer. We then pave a new layer of asphalt surface back to the 1.5 to 2-inch depth.

Pulverize, Regrade, and Pave

Our teams are also equipped to pulverize existing pavement to increase the depth and strength of your existing stone base. Our pulverizing equipment turns the existing asphalt back to stone and mixes it with the underlying bases for a new, stronger stone base. The stone is then fine graded, watered, and compacted to assure proper drainage. Then the new layer of asphalt pavement is paved over the pulverized stone to your desired thickness.

Total Paving Solutions

When you work with Prime Paving & Maintenance, we will find a comprehensive solution that meets your needs. Beyond offering quality, long-lasting asphalt pavements, we can also aid in storm water management and add concrete finishes to your project like sidewalks, curbs, aprons, and more! To help you maintain the life of your asphalt pavement, we also offer quality sealcoating, patching, and striping and concrete paving services. Complete your asphalt pavement with curbs, sidewalks, gutters, ramps, and more!

Storm Water Management

The northeast is notorious for unpredictable weather patterns. From aggressive snow and ice melt to heavy rain or hail, almost every season creates water accumulation that can be devastating for your asphalt pavement if not addressed appropriately. And can even prevent people from using the area.


It’s Dangerous

Storm water and melt runoff can quickly collect on paved areas which can create hazardous conditions for pedestrians and drivers.

It’s Inconvenient

Large, deep puddles, flash floods, and aggressive runoff can render parking lots, driveways, and thoroughfares useless, leaving drivers and pedestrians frustrated and forced to find alternatives.

It’s Damaging

Storm water and melt run off can seep into existing cracks, collect around drainage areas, and run off of unfinished edges, threatening the graded foundation below leading to costly repairs or even replacement.

It’s Ugly

Standing water and snowmelt can include unsightly debris and mix with chemicals from the top of the pavement creating an unsightly and uninviting mess.

Prevent Storm Water Damage Before it Happens

The team at Prime Paving & Maintenance takes a tailored approach to storm water management. Our trained engineers and expert professionals will work with you to evaluate your existing pavement or development plans to create a storm water solution that meets your needs.

Together, we will find a solution to capture, direct, and retain storm water and snow melt runoff to keep your commercial or residential pavement free of obstruction and damage.


Harsh winters, subgrade conditions, and use vs. design use are all contributing factors to the deterioration of asphalt. The life of asphalt pavements can be easily extended with routine, inexpensive maintenance like crack filling and seal coating. 

Contact us for a maintenance program to keep the pavement in its optimal condition and, therefore, last its full life.

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